5PCS DIY Resin Model Toys Typhoon EF-2000 Fighter Aeroplane with Landing Gear Opening Wing 1/2000 700 400 350 Scale Battle-plane

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- Item name: fighter aeroplane / battle-plane / fighting aircraft
- Item type: Typhoon EF-2000
- Material: resin
- Process: UV curing printing
- Color: light gray
- WIth landing gear opening wing 

4 size for your refer:
- 1/2000 , whole length 7mm
- 1/700 , whole length 23mm
- 1/400 , whole length 40.2mm
- 1/350 , whole length 46mm

- Size is manual measurement, there are exist errors
- Due to unavoidable factors such as monitor,shooting angle, light source, etc, the color in the picture may have a very slight color difference withthe goods you receive. Everything is subject to the goods you receive.
- Due to the characteristics of photosensitive resin, if there are individual products bent, it can be repaired and adjusted by heating with a hair dryer or soaking in hot water.

Package include:
5pcs x model aircraft