4PCS Brushed Motor Forward Reverse Rotation Controller Relay Module Dual-way Stopper Limit Switch for RC Aircraft 5-12V Receiver

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- Support 5-12v high voltage receiver
- 1 channel servo signal input, control the motor forward and reverse
- The input voltage is the control motor voltage
- Limit current 10A
- Compatible with remote control equipment of various brands without calibration
- There is forward and reverse rotate limit function
- High position forward rotate, low position reverse rotate, middle position stop

Scope of application:
- Model airplane radar forward and reverse rotate control
- Model aircraft main gun forward and reverse rotate control
- Weapon system control like a real machine
- Various systems that require motor forward and reverse rotate control

Function description:
- The remote switch remotely controls the electrical equipment on the aircraft model through a certain switch channel on the remote control
- This device does not require calibration and can be accurately compatible with remote control devices of various brands.
- This device uses the receiver to supply power, which is completely isolated from the external power supply. The external power supply is only for the controlled equipment.

Typical application:
1. Connect
Insert the signal input cable into an idle receiver channel, which corresponds to a switch on the remote control.
Recommended for the three-stage switch channel
Connect the control switch to the device

2. Trigger
(Take the throttle channel as an example) Turn the throttle lever on the remote control to full throttle, and motor is forward rotate. Turn the throttle lever on the remote control to half throttle, the motor stop. Move the throttle lever on the remote control to the minimum throttle, motor is reverse rotate

Package include:
4pcs x controller with limit switch