1PCS UPIXELS UP-FLOW Optical Flow Module FPV Drone Hovering Altitude Hold Control Sensor for DIY VS Cheerson CX-OF

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- Item name: optical flow module
- Type: LC-302
- Size: 22x14mm

- LC302 can output data without configuration parameters.
- Optical flow module includes optical flow motherboard and optical flow camera. The core chip of the module is u30-5a optical flow chip independently developed.
- The optical flow module is used to detect the horizontal movement of the uav in the flight process, and transmit the results to the flight control, which, combined with altitude data, controls the aircraft and realizes automatic hovering.

Functional structure:
- The optical flow module detects the horizontal movement distance of the aircraft in real time in a GPS-free environment, and realizes high-precision positioning of the UAV. Use the camera to shoot the picture to obtain the UAV displacement information. The image data is obtained by shooting and then sent to the main control. In the main control, the optical flow algorithm is used to output to the flight control through the UART to control the horizontal movement distance of the aircraft to achieve the purpose of hovering.

Access method:
- The optical flow module can be connected to the flight controller with a UART interface. The UART data format is 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit, and the baud rate is 19200. The interface line sequence of the optical flow module and the flight controller is shown in Figure 4. UART_TXD and UART_RXD are based on the module, and VCC is the 3.0V—5.0V power supply input. The maximum power consumption is 90mW under 3.0V power supply, and 150mW under 5.0V power supply.

Package include:
1pcs x Optical Flow Module

And if you need the user manual,feel free to contact us for it please.