USB Programmer for BL S/32 BLHeli BLHeli-S BLHeli-32 Brushless ESC Speed Controller SIL ATMEL STM RC Drone FPV Airplane Parts

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- For BLHeli ( BLHeli-S, BLHeli-32 ) ESC only
- After receiving the product, you can contact customer service for the driven software.

- Item name: USB linker programmer
- Used for BLHeli open source ESC. As long as the ESC is marked with BLHeli (BLHeli-S, BLHeli-32), it can be used.
- BL-S/BL-32 can use BLHeli-16 (supporting the ESC with SIL or ATMEL) and BLHeli-32 (supporting the ESC with STM) software.
- Convenient to set up various functions of open source ESC on the computer.
- The programmer enables the ESC to be one-way or two-way, adjusts the motor starting current, and changes the direction of one-way ESC.

The connection between the programmer and the ESC signal line:
Black wire- GND
white wire- S/UART
red wire- Idle.
ESC needs to be powered on.

Package Include:
1PCS USB Linker Programmer