RC Aircraft Model Turbojet Gasoline Engine Refueling Port Aluminum Alloy Oil Outlet Nozzle Air Ventilation Plug with Sealing Ring

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5 Types for Your Reference:
- only small flange:1pcs small flange
- only big flange:1pcs big flange + 3pcs screw
- small flange nozzle:1pcs small flange + 1pcs oil nozzle
- big flange nozzle:1pcs big flange + 3pcs screw + 1pcs oil nozzle
- only oil nozzle:1pcs oil nozzle

- Suitable for air vent/outlet nozzle of fuel tank of airplane model, equipped with strong magnetic suction plug with sealing ring, more convenient to use
- All parts are made of aluminum alloy, precision processed by CNC machine tools, anodized technology, excellent workmanship

Package include is optional, depend on your choice