4PCS Multifunctional Servo Controller Steering Gear Control Module Converter Input 5-30V Multifunction Signal Control for RC Model

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- Item name: multifunctional servo controller
- Intput and output: 1000us~2000us=》500us~2500us
- Power supply voltage: 5-30V (to the servo)
- Output: 0.5-2.5MS adjustable
- Hardware: 16 bit PWM (resolution 65535)
- Servo line length: 100mm
- Weight: about 2.8g/pcs
- Board size(length x width): 26x10mm
- Equip with screwdriver
- Suitable for servo control
- Used for rc model diy modification

- Adjustment accuracy: The resolution of the 12 bit ADC is 4096 (which means the output signal is divided into 4096 points, while the ordinary servo controller only has 256 points, which is 8 bit accuracy).
- Range adjustable: clockwise rotation of the small potentiometer can amplify or counterclockwise rotation can reduce the swing range of the servo.
- Time (speed) adjustable: clockwise rotation of the small potentiometer can accelerate or counterclockwise rotation can slow down the swing speed of the servo motor.
- Positive servo/negative servo (CW/CCW): toggle the switch to the left for positive servo and to the right for reverse servo.

- Size is manual measurement, there are exsit errors.
- The CW CCW will take effect after being repowered on.

Package include:
1pcs x servo controller