4PCS Remote Control Electronic Switch DC 4.8V-8.4V 3A PWM Signal On-off for RC Multi-copter Airplane Lighting/Power Switch Controller

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- Item name: electronic switch
- Signal voltage range: DC 4.8V-8.4V
- Signal PWM on: > 1700us
- Output voltage: equal to input voltage
- Output current: 3A, 5A peak
- Input cable length: 220mm
- Output cable length: 220mm
- PCB size: L28mm x W12.7mm
- Weight: about 6g/pcs
- Used for RC airplane helicopter drone, remote control car/boat

1. This remote control electronic switch is super simple to use, no additional wiring is required, just connect the JR input plug to the receiver's AUX channel or other channels you like, and then connect the output line socket to the load you need to control.
2. Toggle the 2-segment switch of the corresponding channel of the remote control, the stroke ratio: -100% is off, +100% is on, (the output circuit is turned on when the PWM signal exceeds 1700uS), when the circuit is turned on, it will be displayed by a red LED light.
3. With this remote electronic switch, it is easy to turn on or off lights, smoke system, bomb dropping, cockpit, flaps, sound system, fuel ignition, trigger camera shutter and more.
4. Suitable for RC cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, ship models, multi-rotors and drones, easily switch on/off radio signals between power items.

- Size is manual measurement, there are exist errors.
- The receiver, LED light, battery and others in picture shown will not include.

Package include:
4​pcs x electronic switch