4PCS CH1-L Micro Mini Electronic Switch Module 1A 1CH Servo Signal Input for DIY Model Airplane LED Lights Remote Controlling

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- Only 5V voltage receiver is supported, otherwise the module may be damaged.If the receiver and the servo are using a high voltage system,the module should be added with a step-down module.
- 1 channel servo signal input, control one-way electronic switch
- Maximum 1A current, with overcurrent protection function
- One way LED indicates working status, with boot protection function, easy to operate
- Input channels do not need to be calibrated, compatible with all brands of remote control devices
- Small size and light weight

Application range:
- Remote control model LED light control
- Remote control model LED light control
- LED light system control like a real machine
- Light control of model aircraft
- Control of various remote switch systems
- Control the opening and closing of various electrical power sources, such as navigation lights, searchlights, strobe lights, etc.
- Control the brightness of the LED lights.

Functional Description:
- The remote switch remotely controls the electrical equipment on the aircraft model through a switch channel on the remote control, and the 1-way LED dynamically demonstrates the current switch state in real time, so it can be quickly started without an operation manual.
- This device does not require calibration and can be accurately compatible with remote control devices of various brands.

Typical application:
1. Connect
-Plug the signal input cable into a two-stage receiver channel that corresponds to a switch on the remote.
-Plug the signal input cable into proportional switch receiver channel that corresponds to a joystick on the remote.
-The work indicator lights up when the switch channel is open and vice versa.
-When push the joystick, the working indicator shows the working status of the output terminal in real time

2. Working mode
LED lights is indicator lights.

3. Trigger
Turn the switch on the remote control (OFF->ON), the LED lights up and starts to work.
Push the joystick on the remote control, and the LED lights start to light up in proportion.

Note: can not be directly connect motor

Package include:
4pcs x electronic switch