4PCS 2A Parallel Current Electronic Relay Switch PWM Servo Signal Input Control Module Support 5V-10V Receiver for RC Model Aircraft

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- 5V-10V voltage receiver is supported, otherwise the module may be damaged. If the receiver and the servo are using a high voltage system, the module should be added with a step-down module
- 1 channel servo signal input, control 1 relay switches
- Parallel maximum 2A current
- With boot protection, easy to operate
- Input channels do not need to be calibrated, compatible with various brands of remote control devices
- Adopt transparent heat-shrinkable rubber, stylish appearance, at a glance
- Small size and light weight

Application Range:
- Remote control model rocket launch
- Remote control model smoke control
- Weapon system control like real machine
- Model aircraft's smoke control
- Control of various remote switch systems
- Switch the signals of two cameras
- Control the opening and closing of various electrical power sources, such as navigation lights, searchlights, strobe lights, buzzers, etc.
- Control the camera shutter or switch the camera's recording and camera mode.

Function Description:
- The remote switch remotely controls the electrical equipment on the aircraft model through a switch channel on the remote control, and the 1-way LED dynamically demonstrates the current switch state in real time, so it can be quickly started without an operation manual.
- This device does not require calibration and can be accurately compatible with remote control devices of various brands.

Note: size is manual measurement, there are exist errors

Package include:
4pcs x relay switch