3Pairs 8 Pins JX8 30A VTOL Quick Relese Connector for LED Battery Servo RC Aircraft Boat Car

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It can be used in applications ranging from remote controlling models to a wide variety of electrical products. It is particularly designed to ensure proper terminal insertion and prevent accidental reverse-insertion of the connectors to achieve a secure electrical contact and improved mating retention in high-vibration applications
In the case of wind resistance and take-off and landing, the current is very large. Therefore, it is essential to choose this high-current safety quick-release connector
Commonly used for VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) and 4+1 wing motors)

- Suitable for RC airplanes, RC vehicles, Lipo batteries, electrical vehicles
- High-temperature resistance
- PA Flame retardant
- Robust and resilient material
- Temperature cycling between -20°C and + 120°C

Type: JX-8
Metal Material: Brass Gold Plated
Plastic Material: PA
Instantaneous Current: 30A(big)/ 5A(small)
Rated Current: 60A(big)/ 7A(small)
Rated Voltage: DC500V
impedance: 0.3 mΩ
Flame Retardant Leve: UL94 V0
Working Tenperature: -20C~120C
Mating cycles: 1000 TIMES
Recommende Cable: Big 12AWG, small 20AWG

Package Included:
3Pairs x Connectors (3PCS male +3PCS female)