1Set FPV First Angle Controller Board Wireless Launch Head Tracker Module DC 5V Receiver Kit for RC Drone Transmitter Receiving

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- Item name: head tracker module
- Transmitter air control distance: ≥1000m
- Transmitter ground control distance: ≥250m
- Transmitter built-in power: 400mAh
- Transmitter size: 55.8x30.1x16.3mm (25.7g)
- V1.2 receiver: 35 x 20.5mm (PCB board), about 3.8g (including antenna)
- Receiver operating voltage: DC 5-12V
- Operating frequency: 2.4GHz
- Equip with power line and USB charging cable
- Used for FPV drone RC airplane

- Wireless head tracking
- Data transmission range extension
- 2.4G independent RF coummunication
- No need to connect remote control
- One-click reset, runaway reset
- Omni-directional gain antanna:
The high efficiency Omni-directional high gain antenna cuts down on interface, while using less power and maintaining a strong reliable connection.
- Unique ID recongnition system:
Each transmitter and receiver has it's own unique ID. Once the transmitter and receiver have been paired, they will only communicate with each other, preventing other systems accidentally connecting to or interfering with the systems operation.

1.Power on/off Transmitter:
Long press the "on/off button" for 3 seconds to start and shut down.
Note: After turning on, the red light flashes. It is necessary to place the transmitter stationary on the desktop and the red light remains on for normal operation.

2. Frequency alignment
- Step 1. Press and hold [PITCH+], then turn on the power and enter the frequency matching mode. A red light flashing quickly indicates that the transmitter is in the frequency matching mode.
- Step 2. Press and hold the button on the receiver, then power on the receiver, wait for the LED light to flash quickly, and the receiver will enter frequency matching mode; If the receiver LED turns on continuously, it indicates successful frequency alignment.

- (1)The default frequency alignment for the new product is good, and there is no need for frequency alignment when using it. Only by replacing the transmitter or receiver with a new one, do you need to recalibrate the frequency.
- (2)Once the frequency is aligned, the receiver remembers the alignment information and will automatically connect successfully after restarting without the need for a new frequency alignment.

3.Sensor calibration:
Press and hold [PITCH -], then turn on the power to enter the sensor calibration mode. A red light flashing quickly indicates that the transmitter is in the sensor calibration state, and it needs to be stationary on the desktop or ground, waiting for 3 seconds to complete the calibration.

Sensor calibration is only necessary when there is drift in the pan tilt. The calibrated data will be automatically saved, and there is no need for calibration when restarting.

4. Reset median:
Click the [M] button, the PTZ YAW axis back to center.

5.Travel setting:
-In normal working mode, press the [+] and [-] buttons of the corresponding channel to adjust the maximum movement range of the corresponding channel.

6. Positive negative setting:
- Press the "YAW+" and "YAW-" at the same time, the buzzer "Di,Di",switch "YAW" channel to positive and negative.
- Press the "PITCH+" and "PITCH-" at the same time, the buzzer "Di,Di",switch "PITCH" channel to positive and negative.

7. Fine adjust:
Long press the "M" button for 5 seconds, and it emits beep sound, red light double flashing, and then press "+" or "-" of YAW and PITCH botton to do fine adjusting of the servo.
Long press the "M" button for 5 seconds to quit the setting mode.

2 types for your refer:
- V1.2 kit no shell
- V1.2 kit with shell

- Size is manual measurement, there are exist errors.
- The gimbal and other items in picture shown will not include.
- Receiver working voltage: DC 5V-12V (reverse polarity of the power supply can burn out the receiver).
The output voltage of the channel is equal to the input voltage. Please adjust the input voltage within the operating voltage range of the servo.

Package include:
1set x head tracker module