1Set DJI O3 Camera Dual Axle Gimbal Bracket with Cooling Fan 4.8-5V 9G Servo Pan/Tilt Mount Stand for FPV Drone Head Tracker

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- Item name:dual servo gimbal bracket
- Base material:lightweight aluminum alloy
- Servo working voltage:DC 4.8-5V
- Fan voltage:DC 5V
- Servo type:9G(full metal gear)
- Base size:76.34mm x 38.84mm
- Base hole installation size:adjustable (14.5-5.5mm) x 35mm
- Camera installation size:within 29mm x 29mm(camera base is adjustable)
- Can install Air Unit box within 34mmx32mmx15mm
- Mainstream FPV cameras and Air Unit can be installed perfectly
- Used for RC FPV drone airplane

Servo Pin:
- Brown wire:5V -
- Red wire:5V +
- Yellow wire:PWM input

1.The camera will not include.
2.This product is in bulk, you need to assemble it yourself.
3.Don't use your hands to forcefully break the angles of the two servos!Excessive force can easily cause damage and gear sweep to the servos!
4. If you need the mounting instructions,PLS contact with our customer service.

Package include:
1set x gimbal bracket
2pcs x servo