1Set DC 12V 1.2G 2W Wireless Video Audio Digital Transmitter with Antenna Aerial Photography Transmission for RC FPV Drone

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- Item name: wireless transmitter
- Size: 73.6 x 40.4 x 13.6mm
- Voltage: DC+12V
- Voltage: 500mA(2W)
- Transmit power: 2W
- Transmit frequency: HC1:1080MHz; HC2:1120MHz; HC3:1160MHz; HC4:1200MHz; HC5:1240MHz; HC6:1280MHz; HC7:1320MHz; HC8:1360MHz
- Frequency control: digital frequency phase-locked loop control, locking each locking point.
- Transmission signal: video, audio
- Linear transmission distance: 100-800M(1.5W); 100-900M(2W) (depending on the situation if there is obstruction)
- Used for RC FPV drone camera,television,DVD,projector,etc.

The antennas of the transmitter and receiver can be seen from each other, and the transmission distance is 100-5000 meters according to different kind.

Operating Instructions:
Please use the original antenna for transmission and reception. Do not use a self equipped antenna. Remember to install the antenna before powering on, otherwise it may cause the transmitter to malfunction or burn out the power tube.

1. This product only replaces wiring for normal security monitoring purposes, such as construction sites, elevators, shopping malls, residential areas, breeding grounds, underground pipelines, industrial cranes, tower crane, villas, homes, etc. that is not convenient for wiring or temporary monitoring installation after decoration.
2. Video sharing: Connect set-top box or DVD output, and watch the same program on multiple televisions simultaneously.
3. Security monitoring: Output and transmit camera signal AV , then received by the receiver and displayed on the TV screen for viewing.

Package include:
1pcs x transmitter
1pcs x standard antenna