6S Red Green White Strobe Flashing LED Bright Lamp for FPV RC Plane Fixed Wing

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- This is the link for 6S.
- All beads must be connected through the light controller. You can NOT take off the bead and power it on separately. All functions are realized through the light controller.
- If you would like to control the on/off of the light through your remote controller, it needs to connect to both the balanced interface of the battery and the receiver channel.

- For RC airplanes only
- Five beads in total: 1x red bead,1x green bead, and 3x white beads
Group 1: one red and one green
Group 2: one white
Group 1 flashes twice, group 2 flashes three times, and two groups flash in turn
The rest two white beads are always on.
- Each bead comes with a heat sink and a spotlight lampshade
- It comes with a light controller
- It can be controlled through your remote controller
- Easy for connection. No need for manual

- Power supply: 6S
- Bead power: 5W super bright

Two-wire to the balance port of the batter
Three-wire to PWM channel of the receiver

Package includes:
1Set LED kit only