500 Meters 2.4G Remote Controller + Receiver Board Repair Kit for DIY RC Bait Boats

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- The remote controller and the motherboard are not compatible with other controller kits.
- The wireless transmitting signal is strong. When using the kit, please keep the distance between the remote controller and the receiving board more than 20cm, otherwise, the remote control and the receiving board cannot be connected.
- If there is no antenna in your option, please verify that your existing antenna is 2.4Ghz and it is an IPX interface.
- Please use motors, batteries, and servos of good quality, or they will affect the function
- A 7.4V rechargeable battery is recommended. Motors can be 390, 380, 550,775, etc., but high-speed motors with a working current greater than 10A are not recommended.

Factors that easily cause the motherboard to burn:
- Using a high-voltage and high-rate battery (such as 12V) and driving a high-speed and high-power motor (load current is greater than 8A), may cause the motherboard to burn out due to overpowering or overheating;
- When using a high-voltage high-rate battery to drive a high-power motor, quickly moving the handle back and forth to switch the motor forward and reverse, causing the overcurrent and overheating of the motherboard to burn;
- The motor is blocked or the motor wire is short-circuited.
- The positive and negative poles are reversed when modifying or welding the power cord.
- The input voltage exceeds the maximum voltage.

- With high power, the controller kit can drive 390, 380, 550,775 and other common motors, basically suitable for all bait boats.
- The built-in gyroscope can help boats travel in a straight line automatically, and not be affected by the yaw caused by water flow, wind resistance, and the consistency of the motor hull.
- With a constant speed cruise function, simple and convenient to operate it, and no need to keep moving the handle.
- Unique calibration mode: gyroscope zero point calibration, gyroscope sensitivity adjustment, and steering gear angle selection.
- The angle of the steering gear can be set, and it can be used to control single or double compartments.
- It can be used to replace the controller kit of mainstream nesting boats on the market, as repair parts, parts for DIY bait boats, and for traditional bait boats (without gyroscope) upgrades.

1. Suitable battery for receiving board: 6V, 7.2V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 12V lithium battery pack. Do not use dry batteries. The poor current output capacity of dry batteries will cause the motor to fail to start; the maximum voltage is 15V.
2. Suitable motors for receiving board: 380, 390, 550, 775, etc. The maximum output current of each channel of the receiving board motor driver is about 10A, which can drive small and medium-sized motors with a load current of less than 10A, and the motor locked-rotor current is preferably less than 10A.
3. Motor interface: single-channel rated current 10A, peak current 20A.
4. LED light interface: the voltage is the same as the battery voltage, and it cannot be directly connected to the LED lamp beads, and the LED needs to be connected in series with a resistance of about 200 ohms. If multiple LEDs are used together, it is recommended to connect them in parallel after the resistance in series. Two LEDs can also be connected in series, but no more than two LEDs can be connected in series.
5. Servo interface: all common steering gears (such as 995)
6. Remote controller: 2 AAA batteries.
7. Remote controller channel: forward, backward, left, and right directions, LED light controlling, constant speed cruise, left bait bin, right bait bin, speed increase and decrease of constant speed cruise. (Speed cannot be adjusted)
8 Remote controlling distance: 500 meters.
9. The power consumption of the remote controller: 15mA.
10. Weight: receiving board 25g, remote controller 56g

Package includes:
1PCS Remote Controller
1PCS Receiver Board
1PCS Antenna