1PCS GY500 Digital Gyro for RC Car Boat Helicopter

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- Using high-precision CNC processing shell, mini and lightweight
- Precision CNC machined aluminum alloy housing
- Can be used for car and boat lock direction, anti-drift
- Model: GY500
- Size: 20×19×12mm

1. When the rudder is deflected by the crosswind, the gyroscope will resist the offset of the rudder. At the same time, the gyroscope calculates the offset angle and continuously sends the control signal to resist the crosswind, so even the crosswind When the helicopter is continuously attacked, the rudder will still not shift. In other words, the gyroscope automatically corrects the tail rudder offset caused by the crosswind. When the helicopter is doing the rotation, the tail rudder opportunity swings according to the angular velocity of the body rotation. When the helicopter stops rotating, the tail rudder opportunity determines the position that should be stopped. This is the automatic offset function.
2. Reverse switch: Switch the control direction of the gyroscope. The correct switching should be made according to the direction of rotation of the main rotor of the helicopter and the direction of the tail rudder link.
3. DS mode switch: Digital servo mode switch. When using the digital servo, please cut the DS mode switch to the ON position. When using the general servo, please cut it to the OFF position. If it is turned to the ON position, it may cause the servo to burn. (The output signal format is different)
4. Control delay adjustment knob: adjust the operating speed of the tail control signal. If you use a slower steering gear and find that the helicopter's tail rudder will produce tracks, turn the knob clockwise to increase the delay time to eliminate the tracking phenomenon. If the tail rudder uses a high-speed servo, such as a digital servo, adjust the knob to the 0 positions.
5. Steering gear maximum stroke adjustment knob: Set the maximum stroke amount of the tail rudder servo. Fully steer the rudder stick to the left and right. Adjust the knob so that the stroke of the tail rudder does not exceed the maximum range of the tail pitch sleeve. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the stroke.
6. Connection: The sensitivity channel interface is connected to the receiver's sensitivity channel (usually CH5), which can be used simultaneously to switch the sensitivity and mode of the gyroscope (lock mode or general mode). Since the connector has only a single-core signal line, do not pull it hard to avoid disconnection. The rudder channel interface is connected to the rudder channel (CH4) of the receiver. The tail rudder servo interface is connected to the tail rudder servo.

Function Instruction:
1. For AVCS system: the AVCS system automatically eliminates the rudder offset caused by wind or other weather factors and various attitudes of the helicopter, making the rudder easy to handle, suitable for 3D fancy flight.
2. For gyro sensor: the new piezoelectric sensor can effectively reduce rudder offset in flight.
3. For digital servo (DS mode): compatible with digital servos when using DS mode, fully compatible with the high-speed response of digital servos.
4. For remote control switch gyroscope sensitivity and operation mode: the sensitivity of the gyroscope can be adjusted by the remote control, and the operation mode of the gyroscope (lock mode or normal mode) can be switched.

Package includes:
1PCS Gyro only(not included other items showing in the picture )