1pcs 15A 3CH Dia 22mm Wind Power Electric Slip Ring for Playground Equipment

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1pcs 15A 3CH Dia 22mm Wind Power Electric Slip Ring for Playground Equipment

- Fully meet the 360 degree of unlimited rotation of the image and data transmission work small noise, long life, small rotation torque, smooth running dynamic resistance change value is extremely low,small volume, compact structure

- Diameter: 22mm
- Speed: up to 200rpm
- Channel number: 3 Channels for option
- Rated voltage: 220VAC/DC
- Rated current: 15A/channel
- Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
- Contact material: Gold/Gold
- Wire material: Silver-plated
- Wire length: standard 200mm
- Compressive strength: between the two channels≥500V 50Hz
- Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ/500VDC
- Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: minimum 10mΩ
- Shell material: Engineering plastics
- Working life: ≥5 million rpm(depending on the working environment and speed)

- Wind power slip rings have good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, wind and sand, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, stable performance and no maintenance. The service life can reach 10 million revolutions.

- The slip ring is responsible for the power of the entire system in the wind power generation system. The control signal and data transmission function is a very critical component in the entire wind power system. Its precision, reliability and working life directly affect the performance of the wind power generation system.


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