12V-35V 3S-8S 120A Dual Way Brushed ESC High Power Speed Controller for RC 1/5 Crawler Car Motor Drive

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- It doesn't work below 10.5V.
- It can not supply power to a receiver by 2 working ESCs at the same time

- Using an 8S battery for 1/5 Baja car can burn out 997 motors, while the ESC remains in good condition

- The ESC comes with optocoupler isolation. Motor driving part and BEC are isolated from each other
- 120A: with 28pcs MOS in total.
- The power for forward and reverse is the same
- Switch-like 5V 3A UBEC can drive 2PCS of 25KG servos.

- Working voltage: DC 12V-35V
- Size: 7.2x4x5cm
- Wire: 12AWG
- Controller input pulse width: 0.8ms--2.2ms, midpoint 1.5ms

Three working modes (set by switch):
To enter a new mode after you reset the mode, you need to power on again
-Mode 0: rotating forward or reverse directly
-Mode 1: drag Brake (Climb Mode)
-Mode 2: Reseting Brake
when working in mode 2, it is a brake when you switch forward to reverse. After the throttle goes back to the middle point, it can go to reverse mode.

Working motors suggestion:
4PCS of 540 motors or 550 motors
2PCS of 775 motors, 795 motors, or 895 motors
1PCS of 997 motor
2PCS of 775 motors, 795 motors, or if with a light load, 895 motors
1PCS of 997 motor
1PCS of 887 motor or 997 motor

LED indicator:
-After power on, the LED indicator flashes 3 times slowly to do self-checking, and then it is always on, which means it can work normally
-If the ESC is powered on when the throttle is not at the middle point, the LED will flash quickly. In this case, you need to place the throttle to the middle point, and it can work after the LED is always on.

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